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Automation and sensor technology

The system control unit and its user interface has a considerable influence on the performance and availability of the machine or system. Because of this, we channel our process-technological know-how into process automation. We tailor the electronics, software and system visualisation systems to individual requirements. This equates to optimally coordinated process technology and process automation from one single source.  Details

On-line determination of the particle size distribution in a production system makes it possible to continuously monitor the process and adjust the process parameters. The system can thus be optimised to such a degree that the output is increased at simultaneously less energy consumption, and the product quality can be constantly monitored.  Details

There is a time limit on the availability of spare parts for PLC units, operating panels and other electronic components, and for the user, any failure harbours the risk of a prolonged production standstill. An upgrade of the control unit, control engineering, sensors and actuators can also increase the energy efficiency and output of a system. Higher product qualities and powder fineness values can also be achieved.  Details