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PlexControl process automation

Hosokawa Alpine offers optimum process solutions. Process technology and automation engineering are tailored to the individual requirements and come from one single source.

Automation technology from Hosokawa Alpine can be seen as process-technological know-how translated into software and hardware. A team of experienced electrical engineers develops the basic principles for our automation technology and makes sure that the module interfaces are compatible and that all modules are seamlessly documented.

Together as a team, process engineers and electrical engineers develop the optimum solution for each customer. Dependent on the process and degree of required automation, modular automation components are individually combined. The customers profit from our process technology expertise.

The solutions from Hosokawa Alpine are always user-oriented and proven in practical operation, a result of the many systems we have in operation under production-scale conditions in our application testing centre in Augsburg. The practical experience thus gathered has led to constant optimisation of the mechanical and process engineering as well as of the measuring & automation technology of our systems, meaning we are able to offer our customers a maximum degree of user-friendliness, zero-defects manufacturing and reliability in operation.

Our PlexControl process automation system comprises 4 modules. The minimum equipment of any one system is PlexWire and PlexLogic, which can be combined with the PlexView and/or PlexConnect modules dependent on the required level of automation.

  • PlexWire

    PlexWire - the control cabinet and control panel module

    The control cabinet is an all-important component in ensuring efficient and reliable production sequences. All the safety, switching and operating elements must be geared to suit the production process and the ambient conditions at the site of production.

  • PlexLogic

    PlexLogic - the control program module

    The Simatic S7 automation system is used for the process control. The programs are universally structured and documented. Tested program modules are used for the structuring, thus avoiding programming errors. The program modules can be retrieved from libraries and permit efficient program generation.

  • PlexView

    PlexView - the process visualisation module

    The process sequence and the process parameters are represented graphically on screen. The system flowchart forms the basis for representation of the process, and is formatted, animated and supplied with the requisite process parameters.

    Process operation is also carried out with the visualisation unit. The user interface is simple in design; the operator is guided intuitively through the hierarchical menus. This prevents operating errors and avoids the necessity of additional training measures.

  • PlexConnect

    PlexConnect - The Teleservice Module

    The PlexConnect module makes it possible to set up a connection between Hosokawa Alpine's premises and your production system in the form of a point-to-point connection via the telephone network. This method ensures that the data security and access security of your system remains intact; by simply pulling the telephone jack out of its socket, you can effectively interrupt any external link to your system. 

    The benefit of the teleservice module is that we can optimise your system and make changes to both the process control and the visualisation system without any of our engineers needing to be on site. It is also possible to plan system maintenance and in the event of a total breakdown, we can diagnose the fault over the telephone and prepare the service assignment or maintenance measures in a targeted manner. The availability and efficiency of your system are thus kept at a very high level.

  • Software life cycle

    Every delivered process solution is archived by us on our premises. This gives our customers the assurance of being able to refer to the original program at any time.