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Spiral jet mill AS

Spiral jet mill 50 AS

Ideal for the ultrafine size reduction on a laboratory scale of dry materials up to Mohs' hardness 3 and powder fineness of 5 µm to 40 µm. Suitable for high-grade pharmaceuticals and fine-grade chemicals.

  • Principle of Operation

    Alpine spiral jet mills are suitable for the ultrafine comminution of dry materials with a crystalline structure and a Mohs' hardness up to 3, with final particle sizes in the range between 5 and 30 µm being achieved. The special grinding chamber geometry results in steep particle size distributions with sharp top-size limitation. The Alpine AS is often used for processing pharmaceutical active substances including parenteralia, DPIs (dry powder inhalants) and other active substances.

  • Features
    • Fineness values of d97 = 5 to 30 µm.
    • Suitable for mini batches from 3 to 100 g (50 AS).
    • The lack of electric components means that this inexpensive laboratory mill can be sterilised in an autoclave.
    • Compact, smooth monobloc design, crack- and crevice-free with no dead spaces, no welding seams.
    • Minimal product loss, i.e. optimal yield.
    • Surface finish Ra = 0.8 µm or better.
    • Small and easy to handle - ideal for set-up in a laboratory fume hood.
    • The standard design requires only compressed air and no electric power.
    • Different nozzle and grinding chamber geometries possible.
    • Completely preassembled gas distributor with separate pressure regulation valves.
    • The AS can be dismantled and cleaned quickly and easily without tools.
    • The individual components can be sterilised in an autoclave.
  • Options / Accessories
    • Stainless steel filter element.
    • Stainless steel product container.
    • Feed metering system.
    • Hermetically sealed system with glove box (OEL < 1 µg / m³).
    • Other options available on request.


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