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picosplit ultrafine classifier

The picosplit is an ultrafine classifier for the classification of dry powders by particle size. Classification is based on the centrifugal counterflow principle in a high-speed deflector-wheel classifier.

For the ultrafine classification of fine powders in the separation range 2 µm - 120 µm.

  • Operating principle

    The powder is metered into the classifying chamber and is transported to the classifying wheel by the air flow. Fine particles pass through the wheel, are discharged entrained in the air and are collected in a filter. Coarse particles are rejected by the classifying wheel and are discharged into a collection bin.

    The classifying air is supplied to the housing bottom section via a vane ring; this serves to re-disperse the rejected coarse material and to increase the classifier's precision of cut.

    The cut point is set by varying the air flow rate and the classifier speed.

  • Features
    • High precision of cut
    • Continuous operating mode
    • Collection bin for coarse material
    • Classifying wheel gap and motor bearing rinsed with gas
    • Classifying wheel gap easy to adjust
    • Grinding and rinsing air supplied through the platform adapter (no tubes)
  • Variants
    • wear-protected design
  • Technical specifications
    Classifying wheel diameter:20 mm
    Classifier speed:max. 60,000 1/min
    Total air flow rate:20 Nm³ / h
    Max. feed size:100 µm


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