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Important guarantees for the quality of your film – film take-off unit and film winder

Precision film winding

The film winder stands at the end of the complex film blowing process. HOSOKAWA ALPINE designs and engineers these pivotal core components on its own premises – a fact which opens up extremely versatile possibilities for you. For it is only high-quality film that is absolutely flat which allows problem-free further processing.

WINDER product lines:

  • Contact winders
  • Contact winders, centre winders
  • Contact winders, centre winders, gap winders
  • Contact winders, centre winders, gap winders with directional change

As a standard, the Alpine winders are available with lay-flat widths up to 2600 mm. We are also able to satisfy requirements for larger lay-flat widths.

Excellent flatness for high-quality film products

With the optimum film take-off unit, you set the course for the film flatness and can also optimise it under application of various options. The HOSOKAWA ALPNE oscillating take-off units can be laid out for lay-flat widths of up to 3500 mm and take-off speeds of up to 250 m/min.

Film quality under control

A whole variety of technologies from one single source

What would efficiently produced film be without the matching winding technology? Only half a solution. We are able with our winders and take-off units to offer you an extremely wide range of high-tech solutions. Over and above this, one of Alpine's long-standing partners and suppliers, Anton Kolb Maschinenbau GmbH, has been a 100% subsidiary of HOSOKAWA ALPINE Aktiengesellschaft under the name HOSOKAWA KOLB since 2015.

An amalgamation that pays off!

As a direct result of this amalgamation, we have been able to expand our portfolio of winders and take-off units. This is a cooperation from which you profit as our customer!

Our innovations

Our advantages – your added value

  • Designed for high speeds
  • Effective avoidance of air pockets
  • Optimum adjustment of reel hardness, perfect aesthetics and flatness
  • All winders available as single-station (WS) and double-station (WD) winders
  • The finished film reels are superbly suitable for further processing

From the problem to the solution

If it's a matter of film winding, don't restrict yourself to standard sizes but rather profit from our individual engineering expertise. We are your partner when it comes to responding exactly to the layout of your premises and your specific technical conditions. We accept every problem specification and develop the best individual solution for you.

Get in touch with us! In cooperation with you, we look forward to developing and engineering a system solution tailored to your requirements.


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