MZM y MZF Multi-Plex

MZM y MZF Multi-Plex

  • Clasificador por gravedad para separaciones bruscas en el rango de aprox. 0,1 - 10 mm
  • Clasificador monotubo o multitubo
  • Bajo mantenimiento y bajo desgaste
  • Seguro contra la sobrecarga

Alpine offers zigzag classifiers in two different designs: MZM and MZF. Each design is available in a range of machine sizes from a single-tube to a multi-tube classifier. Ideal for sharp separations in the range d97 = approx. 0.3 - 10 mm.

Throughputs can range from a few kg/h in the case of the laboratory classifier up to approx. 200 t/h for the industrial-scale multi-tube classifier. Classification takes place at every change in direction of the zigzag tube and permits an extremely high, steplessly adjustable precision of cut. The result is clean-cut fines or lightweight material, even under overload conditions.

  • Maintenance-free and wear-resistant
  • Overload-proof
  • Insensitive to changes in the feed material composition

As a result of these characteristics, once set, the classifying system can be operated over long periods without any supervision at all.


  • Oleiferous seeds: classifying systems for separating cracked soy beans or sunflower seeds
  • Precious metals: the separation of copper, aluminium or lead from the insulation material of previously cut cable scrap, Dust removal from plastic granules, coke, chalk, fertilisers, bauxite, etc.

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