• Máquina para la trituración fina, la clasificación o la mezcla de polvo y suspensiones
  • Consta de tres partes: la plataforma, los módulos funcionales y los accesorios
  • Numerosos módulos funcionales
  • Diseñada especialmente para el procesamiento de cantidades mínimas de producto de unos pocos gramos


And because these modules are derived from the established product lines of our own production systems, the user can rest assured that there will be no problems in scaling up a process developed with a picoline machine to a production scale.

Picoline machines are designed for ease of operation, maintenance and cleanability, and offer early-stage development opportunities.

The platform consists of a housing in an ergonomic table-top design laid out to accommodate the picoline function modules. The compact dimensions permit installation inside a laboratory fume hood. The platform surface is made of brushed stainless steel that is perfect for quick and easy cleaning. Not only is the standardised controller for all picoline function modules housed in a space-saving way but, dependent on the individual platform variant, also all electric and mechanical components necessary for operation of the respective function module. The media is supplied via an adapter, meaning that no tubes are necessary. The adapter is laid out for connection of all function modules. The advantage is that other modules can be added as and when desired.

Equipment details

  • Touch panel
  • Microprocessor, CAN bus, I/O ports, power pack
  • Mains switch, connection cable, 3 USB connections, 2 connectors
  • Pivoted media supply adapter to permit attachment of the respective machine to the platform (tiltable for picoliq and picobond)

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (without function module and accessories): L 893 mm x W 616 mm x H 488 mm
  • Weight dependent on equipment: approx. 80 kg

Dependent on the operating mode (continuous, batch) and the batch size, there are numerous peripheral units optionally available such as mixers, metering units, injector assemblies, product collectors, external fans or sealing liquid units which are laid out to suit your application.

The system is controlled by means of a touch panel with integrated microprocessor housed in the platform. Once the user selects the respective function module, the stored control logic is automatically activated. Operating data, settings, system flowcharts and trend curves can be visualised on different display levels.
Every platform has a LAN interface for printer, remote control and for the connection to LIMS systems. The export of csv data files to USB memory sticks is also possible.

These mini machines are employed in research institutes as well as in the R&D departments of companies active in the fields of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, ceramics, batteries, nanotechnology, functional materials as well as everywhere mini batches of powder need to be processed.

Function modules


  • Ultrafine classifier
  • For the classification of dry powders by particle size

  • Mechanical impact mill with integrated classifier
  • For the dry fine milling of soft to medium-hard materials with a steep particle size distribution

  • Fluidised bed opposed jet mill with integrated classifier
  • For the low contamination dry ultrafine milling of medium to hard materials
  • The design and principle of operation are almost identical with that of Alpine's AFG product line of fluidised bed opposed jet mills

  • Mechanical impact mill
  • For the dry milling of soft to medium-hard materials
  • The design and principle of operation are largely identical with that of Alpine's UPZ Ultraplex fine impact mill product line

  • Mechanical hammer mill
  • For the dry precrushing of large granules and agglomerates made of soft to mediumhard materials

  • 2-rotor contra-rotating impact mill
  • For the dry milling of soft to medium-hard materials
  • The design and principle of operation are largely identical with that of Alpine's Contraplex impact mill C product line

  • Agitated media mill
  • For the continuous or batchwise wet milling of particles in liquids

  • Mixing reactor
  • Designed to give a functional design to dry particles using a mechano-chemical process
  • The design and principle of operation are almost identical to that of the Alpine Nobilta product line

  • Spiral jet mill
  • For the dry milling of soft to medium-hard materials
  • The design and principle of operation are largely identical with that of Alpine's Aeroplex spiral jet mill AS product line

  • High-shear batch mixer
  • For dry powders

  • High containment for OEL values < 50 ng/m3
  • Isolator system suitable for all picoline modules
  • Simple and comfortable handling
System Accessories

Wet processing

  • Hose pump
  • Agitator vessel
  • External sealing liquid unit

Dry Processing

  • Micro metering screw PMD
  • Mini-batch metering unit
  • Collection bin
  • Injector assembly
  • Suction fan
  • Cyclone-Filter
  • Jet-Filter
  • Cleaning unit for the Jet-Filter
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