Process Consulting

Hosokawa Alpine Process Consulting: Sound Advice Paves the Way for an Optimal System

System engineering amounts to 15–30% of the total costs of a system, and itis exactly here where Hosokawa Alpine’S  process consulting  comes into play: comprehensive consulting in the field of bulk materials processing. From the product idea, process development and basic engineering right up to the initial design planning phase, everything is from one single source: "The objective of our consulting service is to develop new processes together with the customer, to validate them and to prepare the relevant documentation. This service guarantees our customers a well-founded and individual decision-making basis which, in turn, is based on the entire expertise of the Hosokawa Group", says Christian Eisenbarth, Process Consultant at Hosokawa Alpine.

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Joint elaboration of the optimum decision-making basis

With a specially created Process Consulting Team, the company supports every customer in the implementation of new process and system developments. Hosokawa  Alpine's promise: independent, well-founded and comprehensive consulting in the field of bulk materials processing. In order to create an optimum decision-making basis, the actual situation is analysed and the ultimate goals clearly defined together with the customer. Based on this analysis, the Hosokawa Alpine specialists develop specific and individual solutions in close cooperation with the project partner. These solutions also include equipment that is not manufactured by Hosokawa Alpine. In the end, the best and most economically efficient process variant is used as the decision-making basis.

Full-service system engineering

From the preliminary discussions and analysis up to the design planning phase: the dedicated members of the Hosokawa Alpine process consulting team guide the customers through all the planning phases of the project and, thanks to their expertise, ensure the requisite planning reliability and efficiency. Every single process step is examined carefully, thus making sure that the entire process chain is covered and unbroken – from the raw material to the end product. Based on a detailed analysis of the actual situation and joint definition of the objectives together with the project partner, the specialists from Hosokawa Alpine develop specific and individual solutions. In the final analysis, the best and most economically efficient process variant is prepared and handed over to the customer as an advanced decision-making basis together with initial 3D representations and process flowcharts. The entire process chain is covered – from delivery of the product to packaging or bagging.